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Eternal Connections.

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  • Toronto Shabbaton 2024
  • The International Shabbaton 2024
  • Aleeza Ben Shalom Live in Toronto
  • The Shabbaton
  • Tu B’Av 2022 Summer White Party
  • Experience Dubai
  • Mexico City International Shabbaton
  • Miami Shabbaton
  • FHKC Friday Night Dinner
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  • 2020-09-03
  • 2020-08-11

Be here, there and everywhere.

Meet beautiful singles from faraway exotic cities — like Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo and Rochester.

Seriously. You would be amazed at the wonderful brilliant Jewish souls who live within a 5 hour drive from Toronto. They are every bit as motivated as you are to find their lifetime soulmate. Several times a year, Lev TO Lev organizes these in-town and out-of-town educational/social events to bring Jewish people together to learn, to meet, to mix, to mingle, to fall in love, get married, raise kids, build a Jewish family.


What are these events about, and how many attend?

They usually take place over a night, a day or weekend. They are typically attended by anywhere from 20-50 participants. (Sometimes as many as 100, but we like to keep them small and fairly intimate). At the heart of the event is usually a fascinating interactive discussion or symposium relating to Jewish life in modern times. They are hosted by extraordinary speakers and think tank organizations and are designed to spark your engagement and encourage moral thought and decent humanitarian principles.

But these events aren’t all fun and games - someone has to go skiing or explore the magnificent mountain top retreats or city sights where these events are held.

There is rarely anything more stimulating than meeting brand new people in a brand new beautiful location with the possibility of real romance right before you. Someone is looking for you. Join up now, get involved, come to the events, enjoy a broader world.

We get matched up too.

Lev TO Lev also collaborates with fellow Jewish organizations and event facilitators who produce special events like JEDx talks, yoga classes, JNF, FHJC and Yorkville Jewish Centre events, health seminars, Krav Maga and classic networking get-togethers for young professionals. We encourage our members to attend to stimulate their personal growth. Our display booths and ambassadors at these events arouse a lot of curiosity – a superb way of adding even more eligible and motivated Jewish singles to our database. A win/win opportunity for all our members.

couple on bikes

Dating far from Toronto?

See you in New York, Tel Aviv, LA, or Paris tonight.

Here’s another great benefit for Lev TO Lev members. Through our association with our international database partners, we have access to Jewish members all over the world. Say you’re working in Los Angeles for a few months. Or doing post-graduate studies in London or Paris. Spending a summer in Israel? A winter vacation in Miami? Hey – have we got a date for you! Why not arrange to meet up? Our international database partners are filled with thousands of eligible members. Our Match Mentors have access to all of them. There is nothing quite like discovering a delightful partner in your new, unexplored world.