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LevTOLev.com - Member Help


Is LTL endorsed by any Rabbi or Rabbinic organization?

Most definitely! LTL is endorsed by the Vaad HaRabbonim of Toronto, Rabbi Asher Vale, Director of the Beis Din.

Accessing Site:

Can’t login / Can’t get past first page

If you are having trouble, please call the tech team at 647-924-4031 so that we can be of further assistance.

Can’t login / Already completed first sign up page

In order to log onto the site for the first time, you need to input the password that was sent to you in your email confirmation. (This email is to verify your email address and login information.)

Never got confirmation mail!

An email confirmation is automatically sent to your email address as soon as you complete the initial sign-up page. Your email service provider may have placed your email confirmation into a junk mail or spam folder. If you cannot find your email confirmation then please look in the junk mail/spam folder, and make sure to set your email so that future emails from LevTOLev.com are not sent to junk mail. If you cannot find the email in your folder, please contact us at support@levtolev.com.

Match Mentor Protocol:

Why haven't Match Mentors contacted me?

When a Match Mentor that you have chosen accepts you into their network, then an email will be sent to you. The Match Mentor may then contact you via email, phone or suggest a potential match for you as soon as they find someone that might be appropriate for you. If a Match Mentor does not accept you into their network then their name will disappear from your Selected Match Mentor list. This will happen when a Match Mentor determines that the members that they work with wouldn’t be a good match for you or they have received too many requests from new members during that month.

How do I choose a Match Mentor?

Once you upgrade to Gold membership, we suggest a Match Mentor for you based on your age, location, and religious orientation. Match Mentors specialize in specific age ranges, religious levels, geographic boundaries and other factors. You may view their specialty by clicking on "Match Mentors" on the left side menu bar, clicking on "view all Match Mentors" and then clicking on the specific Match Mentor's name.

Contact with Match Mentors

Many Match Mentors request direct contact with members and this preference is indicated in their Match Mentor profile. However, many of our Match Mentors also request that you contact them via email. Unless otherwise directed by a Match Mentor, if you would like to initiate contact with a Match Mentor that you do not know, please send them an email as your form of first correspondence.

May I change a Match Mentor?

You may change Match Mentors at any time. Just Click on the "Match Mentors" option from the Menu bar and click on the Search button. This will display the most appropriate Match Mentors for you.

What if there is no "add" button on the Match Mentor’s name?

Some of the Match Mentors temporarily have reached their limit of members to work with. If there is no add button next to that Match Mentor’s name, then please select a different Match Mentor.

Why haven't Match Mentors sent me more matches?

The Match Mentors are actively looking for matches for members on the site. They may not have anyone that they think is appropriate for you at the moment. So, instead of trying to set up a random match, they wait until they find someone they think is for you. Please feel free to contact a Match Mentor by email if they have not suggested a match in a while or alternatively choose a different Match Mentor to replace the ones that have not sent you matches.

Why haven't I heard from my Match Mentors in a while?

The Match Mentors actively look for matches for members. It just very well may be that they may not have anyone that they think is appropriate for you at the moment. So, instead of trying to set up a random match, they wait until they find someone they think is for you. If you would like, please feel free to contact your Match Mentors by email if they have not suggested a match in a while.


Where do I enter a marketing code?

Marketing codes can be entered on the payment page between the list of plans and your billing information.

Can I pay to extend my membership before the current membership is over? Will I lose my time that I already paid for?

Feel free to extend your membership at any time. The additional membership time will automatically be added following the time you have already purchased. No time will be lost.

How do I turn off my auto-renewal?

  1. Login
  2. Go to the Payment History page (by clicking Payment and then Payment History)
  3. Find where it says Auto Renewals: "ON" and click the word "OFF"
  4. Select a reason and click the “Cancel Membership” button
  5. This will stop all future payments on your account


After I’ve completed the profile, what happens next?

We will suggest to you a Match Mentor who best suits your needs. If you prefer a specific Match Mentor, you can request that by sending us an email at support@levtolev.com. Within a few days, you should receive an email from your Match Mentor welcoming you to the site.

"Unavailable" match: Why am I unable to access a profile that says "Not Available"?

When a Match Mentor withdraws a match or a member declines a potential match, both singles lose access to the details of the match. This step is taken to protect the privacy of the singles on the site.

What happens if I know the person that I am being set up with?

If you know the person that the Match Mentor is suggesting and you are interested in the match then you apprise the Match Mentor of the situation and ask how they might be able to help you get set up with the person. If you are not interested in meeting the person, then simply "decline the match with comments" and in the email inform the Match Mentor that you already knew the person and you were not interested. Please realize that many people have signed up on the site because it is a private and discreet site. Please act appropriately.

Why can’t I see someone’s profile after I’ve declined it?

Once either you or the potential match declines a profile, both of you lose access to the details of each other’s profile. This step is taken to protect the privacy of the singles on the site.

Profile (Editing and Access):

View Profile: Will I be able to view what I have entered onto your website?

You will be able to view your profile by clicking on “Profile” from the Menu bar on the left side of the page. You then have the option of viewing or modifying your profile.

How to Change Profile/Criteria

Log into the site using your username and password. Then, click on "Profile". You will then be able to modify your profile by clicking on the edit button, which is located on the right side of each section header. The next time a Match Mentor accesses your profile, they will see the updated information.

Password: How do I change my password?

Log into site and on the left hand side of the page select “Profile” from the menu bar and then select the edit button, which is located on the right side of the “Personal Info” section. On the third line you have “password” and “retype password”. Simply change your password in each of these locations and then click on “save” at the bottom of the page.

Photos: How to upload photos.

Click on "Profile", then "Edit Photos", then the "Browse" button. This button will then allow you to select a photo from your computer files. Once you've double-clicked on the file containing your photo, and the name of the file appears in the box next to the Browse button, then click on the blue "Upload" button at the right of your screen. Finally, please be sure to click on the "SAVE" button at the bottom of the screen.

Photos: I don’t have a scanner or photos to be uploaded. Or, I still can’t upload my pic.

Please feel free to send your photo to:

Lev TO Lev Connections
487 Lytton Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
M5N 1S5
Canada Attn: Pictures

Please put your first name, last name and telephone number on the back of the picture. If you would like the picture returned please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

May I choose not to display my picture?

Yes, you may choose not to display your picture. Please realize that there are many members on the site with pictures, and Match Mentors are more likely to successfully search for members with pictures. Remember, potential matches are more likely to accept members with pictures than those without.

Who sees my profile?

When you complete the registration, you may choose up to two Match Mentors to search the database on your behalf. The Match Mentors you choose as YOUR Match Mentors see your profile. You can then decide if you will allow other Match Mentors to see your profile, and you can decide whether or not to show them your contact information. Their singles cannot browse your profile. Only if a Match Mentor suggests you to a potential match will another single be able to see your profile. If you choose, you can limit the availability of your picture to only Match Mentors: then your picture will never be shared with any singles, even a potential match.

What’s the difference between Modern Orthodox Machmir and Liberal?

Good question!!! People define these terms in different ways. However, we use these terms because they are currently used and recognized in the Jewish community. Please answer it as per your understanding. You can always change it later, if you feel that the matches you are being sent are not exactly for you. Your answers to the religious questions will clarify our interpretation of Machmir or Liberal.

Suspending membership / Deleting profile: How do I take my profile off the site?

If you would like to temporarily suspend your membership then please log into the site and change the "My Dating Status" to "Inactive". The "My Dating Status" is located on the left side of the page under the Menu bar. If you would like to permanently delete your profile, please email us at support@levtolev.com and include your screen name, first and last name, birth date, phone number and email address. As we are always trying to improve the program, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know why you have chosen to not remain on the site.

If you would like to contact us, email us at: support@levtolev.com