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Eternal Connections.

At Lev TO Lev, It’s all about our Match Mentors.

We have more than 10,000 singles who likely want to meet you.

Match Mentor? Well, they’ve traditionally been called Matchmakers, but in this complex age, the scope of how we bring people together is as nuanced and subtle as rocket science. Or like making world-class Lokshen Kugel – you certainly need a healthy knowledge of alchemy. Not to mention psychology, Jewish Law and traditions and their place in world history. Our Mentors hail from all walks of life and some of them even met their marriage partners right here. They are essentially volunteers (paid a very modest honorarium) because they love what they do. They are emotionally and spiritually fulfilled by bringing new couples together for their lives’ fulfillment.

That’s the ‘Why’. Let’s take a look at the ‘What’:

What do our Match Mentors really do for you?

Consider our course of action with a new member:

First, they study your profile in detail. You will have completed this brief profile as part of your online application process. Then, they’ll give you a call to properly introduce themselves. They want to start getting acquainted, to discover what you’re really looking for and what assortment of qualities you have that would be attractive to your potential mates.

Are you introverted? That’s not always bad. Intellectual? Extroverted and outgoing? Creative, athletic, not so athletic, adventurous, stay-at-home type? All of the above?

Next, the follow-up to the phone call is a personal interview - face-to-face in one of our mid-town or downtown Toronto offices. It’s here that we’ll discover if you and Lev TO Lev are a good fit. We’ll get a clear picture of who you really are, and who you would like to build your future family with.

Then the real work begins

And we do almost all of it. You, my friend, can relax. Your Match Mentor takes all your vital information and searches through hundreds of digital profiles. Your Match Mentor is really on your side. As your friendly confidante, they will help you through the process with direction, advice, education, and advocacy on your behalf.

Is this computer dating?

Hardly. If you mean “do we use computers?”, of course we do. Hey, you’re looking at one now. So are we - right at this very moment. How else would you control a database of thousands of members? But computers have very little to do with how we match up members. Your Match Mentors do all the real footwork.

It may only take a week or two, but sometimes it takes months or longer. So we mean it - relax and enjoy the ride. Consider your Match Mentor as your own personal private coach. If you go out on the first date or two and you think we’re on the wrong track, or maybe you feel you’re doing something wrong – we’ll help identify the problem or behaviors that may be stopping you from being your best. It’s an interesting process and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you're on the right path.