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Eternal Connections.

The organization behind Lev To Lev.com

Lev TO Lev is a division of Canadian Association for Jewish Family Education and Continuity (CAJFEC). Lev TO Lev is one of several ongoing undertakings and projects overseen by CAJFEC.

We are a dedicated not-for profit organization. CAJFEC is all about educating, encouraging and inspiring the building of Jewish Families in Canada.

Aside from our Lev TO Lev meeting and marriage site, we are active in providing lecturers for events and seminars and to other organizations that we work with. Our main activity involves sponsoring educational events where we provide professional psychologists,therapists and personal development coaches.We frequently provide educational content to events sponsored by other similar-minded community-based organizations.

For more info about setting up an event please contact support@levtolev.com