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Eternal Connections.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Lev TO Lev Membership

First Month Free Membership

Yes, Bubbeleh, it’s free. But…

As a free option, this trial service is one way of getting yourself familiar and comfortable with the Lev TO Lev organization, and to discover what opportunities await you! We feel it’s a great way to sample the waters for anyone who just isn’t sure if they want to dive into Lev TO Lev dating.

It takes 5 to 6 months for success.

The first month is free. Then clients have the following options:

  1. Pay $18 USD monthly.

  2. Buy 4 months and get 2 months free. Pay $72 USD and receive $108 USD worth of membership benefits. Or you can choose to receive just the BASIC service which keeps you and your profile active on the site, but you will not be entitled to receive the services of two personalized matchmentors.

  • You will be able to explore a fair bit of the site, and see what we do and how we do it.
  • You can input your Profile into our worldwide database where it will be used in a limited capacity.

Members receive

Features Includes
Pesonal interview
Personal Match Mentors continuously search for you
Phone consultation with Match Mentors
Access to free workshops and discounted prices on dating and relationship educational courses from Marriage Minded Mentor
Inclusion in our local and international databases
Access to Lev TO Lev live and online events
Support and dating advice from your Match Mentors

OK. What do I do first?

Step 1: Your Profile & Photo

To register on our site, you start by filling out a comprehensive profile.

An excellent recent photo should be uploaded. But in case you’re not happy with the photo you have, click here for some great advice!

Step 2: What happens next

After you have completed your profile, it will then be entered into the database. Our emphasis is on local GTA members but we are linked with over 20,000 members worldwide.

Trial members are assigned to the ‘Lev Team’ of volunteers. Gold members are assigned personal Match Mentors.

Step 3: Personal Contact

You will then be contacted by our office so that our team can get to know you.

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