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Eternal Connections.

Come for the Romance, Stay for the Soup.

Who we are: What a Lev TO Lev marriage commitment is really about.

Lev TO Lev has built a bustling not-for-profit organization staffed by experienced volunteers who, quite clearly, are doing this for the love of our flourishing community in Toronto.

Lev TO Lev is all new and you’ll find we are not a typical Jewish dating site. Yes, we bring like-minded Jewish singles together, but they already – most definitely – have marriage and family in mind. We do not do casual dating or arbitrary introductions.

Sure, there are Jewish dating sites on the web. You’ve probably had a look at a couple. You’re here because you know what you want! We just make it easy for you to meet people you’d otherwise never meet. Sometimes they’re just a couple of blocks away! Sometimes a beautiful soul is in another city, waiting for a chance to meet you. All the while, we ensure you stay in your social comfort zone.

You want to be matched with a desirable, compatible partner. One who is also looking to marry, raise children and nurture a Jewish family. You want to experience an exceptional quality of life as you grow and enrich your roles within this community. This is our business. We’re darn good at it.

How do we do it?

The truth is, it’s beyond the scope of this website to explain our amassed knowledge about love, romance, dating and marriage that has been compiled over the last, say, 5,000 years. Or so.

Suffice it to say, if you’re single – observant or traditional/secular – you’ve probably already done the internet dating thing, the bar scene, and maybe even JDate or JSwipe and other unregulated dating disaster apps. Or maybe you’ve had long-term relationships, but for any number of reasons, they just haven’t worked out.

So enough already.

We’re the experts in turning that first date excitement and romance into long-term chicken soup marriage wisdom. We do it every day. As a sharp-witted businessperson might say, “We want to lose you as a customer. It’s good for our business.”

4 types of singles

So, who will you meet?

Naturally, you’ll tend to meet people just like you. People who genuinely consider ‘quality of character’ as the most important personal attribute. You’ll find some very attractive, romantically compatible prospects from incredibly varied walks of life.

Of course you’ll want to share important values about important issues. But your lives may have led you to travel on very different roads to get where you are today. An open mind will help you find a very special partner of character and stature you may never have imagined possible.

All applicants are screened. The ones accepted as members are very serious and looking for a committed relationship. All ages over 22 are generally welcome, but prime audience is between 25 to 45 years old.

As you’ll see below, there’s plenty for you to do once you’ve joined. Please take time to discover more about the awesome events and learning opportunities with Lev TO Lev.

Before we begin, An important notice for you:

Because of the unique nature of Lev TO Lev, we do have some restrictions and an exclusionary policy. Virtually anyone in search of a Jewish marriage mate can apply to become a member. However, we’ve learned over the years that we’re not for everyone. You can become a member only once you’ve been accepted. We review every application and interview all applicants in person. Once this process is complete, we’ll then see if we can help you and your aspirations.

When hearts are on fire but Jewishness differs:
Are you “S & K” or “AJP” or, well, just “Special”?

We see this all the time. Many Jewish singles have had to deal with it. There is, often enough, a differing amount of “Jewishness” – dare we say – in potential couples. Usually, the gap between the levels of observance is too large, and it’s a deal breaker. A compromise on religious grounds is often too hard to reach and unfortunately from decades of experience, we know that this type of marriage stressor just doesn’t work out.

So, for our general references, we typically describe our members with three simple categories of observance:

  1. 1. “S & K”

    woman width bread

    For observant singles, from the modern to the more traditional observant, we’ll call you “S & K” for Shabbat and Kosher.

  2. 2. “AJP”

    man on bike

    For less – or even non-observant people who nevertheless identify as Jewish and want to keep the traditions in their family. We’ll call you “AJP” for Authentic Jewish Partner.

  3. 3. Special cases

    woman in wheelchair

    Sometimes we meet a wonderful applicant who requires a great deal of care and attention. There may be mitigating factors about their personal situation that need special consideration. Perhaps there is a health issue or a particular family issue or unique requirement that needs to be addressed with a great measure of dedication and sensitivity.

    These factors aren’t necessarily good or bad, but they have to be dealt with up front. We’ve found that while we often succeed in matching our special case members, they do require considerably more time of our Match Mentors. So we usually charge extra fees to accommodate the time and resources devoted to these special people. We encourage you to call and we’ll always be glad to listen and when appropriate, we’ll start the membership process.